Vila Joya Restaurant

Located in one of the Algarve’s premier boutique hotels, is no wonder Vila Joya Gourmet Restaurant steps up the plate as one of the most refined restaurants in the southern coast of Portugal. With chef Dieter Koschina setting the sophistication levels to a new high every day, it comes as no surprise that Vila Joya restaurant has already won two Michelin stars and came in 37th on the most prestigious rank of all, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

To have a meal at the Vila Joya restaurant meets more the eye can see. Overall, it is an astonishing dining experience, especially if you get the chance to sit in the terrace and marvel at the breathtaking scenery of lush greenery and the Galé Beach. To take advantage of this perk, make sure you have lunch here instead of dinner, as the view will definitely worth your while and add up to the epicurean journey.

After intense training at some of northern Europe’s leading kitchens and a 20-plus-year experience in Portugal, renowned chef Dieter Koschina knows how to deliver elegant, full-of-flavour dishes cooked with the best and freshest ingredients he can find.

The attention to detail is a significant aspect at Vila Joya restaurant, paired up with a professional and attentive staff that will make you feel as if you were the only customer in the room.

The exquisite dishes served at Vila Joya include Langoustine served with papaya-chilli vinaigrette, Grouper with morels and seasonal asparagus, Beef tartar Carpaccio, Tuna sashimi-flavoured in orange and served with ginger and lemon grass, and Chocolate crème brûlée.

The wine carte is well put together and refined and encompass both Portuguese and international premium wines. Choosing a Portuguese regional wine to accompany such a wonderful meal is always a sublime option and will certainly add up to the experience.

Given its worldwide success, Vila Joya works hard when it comes to deliver the best service there is and, of course, the greatest dining opportunities in the country.

For instance, if you are thinking of coming to Albufeira in mid-November, the International Gourmet Festival will take place at this boutique hotel, giving you a chance to taste the cuisine of some of the most amazing chefs in the world.
Prices range between € 350 and € 600, depending on if you choose to sit at the chef’s table or not.

Before you book your table, which is certainly more than advised, make sure you explore the restaurant and discover if there is anything happening there or at the hotel vicinity, as it would surely enrich your dining experience.

Vila Joya Restaurant
Estrada da Gale
8200-917 Albufeira
Algarve, Portugal
Tel: +351 289 591 795