Albufeira Essential Guide

Once a main fishing harbour, today Albufeira, Portugal, is one of the most coveted and sought-after destinations in central Algarve for travellers coming from other regions in the country and abroad, seeking an idyllic setting to spend their holiday, particularly during the summer.

Considered by many as the capital of tourism in Portugal, Albufeira holds a significant past dating many centuries back in time, and there are even reasons to believe it has been inhabited since pre-historical times. The Romans named it “Baltum” and years later came the Arab occupancy, which changed the name to “Al-buhera” — it means “castle of the sea” —, eventually leading to its current name.

The Arabs kept their dominance for centuries, even when other villages in the Algarve region were already being occupied by Christians. They raised large, fortified walls and carried out a number of commercial activities with the North of Africa, which was the main cause for the massive development in cultivation techniques, new cultures, architecture, and linguistic influences.

In 1246, Albufeira was taken by D. Afonso III and, in 1504, D. Manuel I granted the foral to the village of Albufeira. After the earthquake of 1755, the village was almost completely destroyed and only 27 houses remained up.

It was only in the 19th century that Albufeira, Portugal, regained its power as fishing port and commercial potency and from then on began exporting fish and dried fruits and edifying a number of factories.

The early 20th century mirrored times of decaying and bankruptcy, but the 60s proved that there was more that met the eye: Albufeira arose once again the interest in Portuguese tourists, at first, leading to a boom in tourism with British visitors coming in and exploring the beaches and giving the city a new economic meaning.

Today, Albufeira, Portugal, is a sunbathed, beautiful city mainly leaning on their chief economic activity: tourism. With people coming from all over the world to meet Albufeira’s lovely beaches and explore the endless number of things to do in Albufeira, such as water sports, golf, the nightlife, and discover the amazing, welcoming people that keep Albufeira going all year.

Restaurants in Albufeira will definitely show you what the Algarve region has to offer in terms of heart-warming food, especially the freshly caught fish dishes. These are extremely easy to find in any given restaurant in Albufeira, from typical establishments to more fancy and international cuisine-inspired ones. Do not miss the chance to try out as many restaurants in Albufeira as you can, so you can have a taste of what great food is like.

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