How to get to Albufeira

There are a number of ways to get to Albufeira and, due to its central location in southern Portugal, directions are pretty straightforward and you can easily reach it by car, by bus and by train from different starting points. Bear with us and find out some of the ways to get to Albufeira from different starting points.

Albufeira by car

Albufeira, as the rest of the Algarve, leans on a number of different road connections to other main Portuguese cities, which makes it easier to reach.

If you arrive at Lisbon Airport and decide to rent a car and drive from the airport straight to Albufeira, just follow directions to E1 / Avenida Cidade do Porto / Segunda Circular and continue along that road until you find an exit towards A12 – Sul / Ponte Vasco da Gama in junction 14.

After this, you should have no problem getting to the A2 motorway, heading towards south and following Albufeira directions. At the last toll stop in Paderne, continue along the A22 / Via do Infante heading towards Albufeira / Portimão.

If, however, you arrive at the Faro airport, there is no problem getting to Albufeira by car. The distance is fairly short — 32 km — and it will only take you about 40 minutes to get there. Just follow Albufeira directions along the secondary roads towards Albufeira.

Albufeira by train

It is quite easy to get to Albufeira by train, as the main railway company in Portugal, CP – Comboios de Portugal, provides a great deal of routes across Portugal from north to south. If you are going from Lisbon to Albufeira by train, follow directions to the Gare do Oriente, the major station in Lisbon, and ask for information on schedules and trains available to Albufeira via the intercity train.

There are five daily journeys from Lisbon to Albufeira and vice-versa, and the Albufeira train station is still about 6 km from the city centre, so you will need to factor in a taxi ride to your final destination.

Refer to the CP – Comboios de Portugal website and check for more information on ticket fares, destinations, stops, and other train services.

Albufeira by bus

Getting to Albufeira by bus is quite easy as well through Eva Transportes, a national-wide bus company with stations throughout the entire country, and that can take you to Albufeira in about 3 hours for 20 € one-way and 36 € return ticket.

You can get more information from their website, at Rede de Expressos website or, if you are near Lisbon’s main bus station, Sete Rios, you can ask at the help desk for information on schedules, tickets fares, discounts and other.

Keep in mind you will need a ticket to Albufeira Centre, as there are other stops in Albufeira’s outskirts that would demand a taxi ride to your final destination.