Évora Essential Guide

Kilometre after kilometre of rolling plains reach away to the east from Lisbon into the distance, through the wine-growing region of the Alentejo to the historic town of Évora, Portugal, which sits at its very heart. It is some 130 kilometres from Lisbon to Évora and yet it seems almost as though you are stepping into another world – a world steeped in history and boasting some of the most famous architectural sites in the country.

Évora, Portugal, is home to St Francis Church and its famous Chapel of Bones, where the remains of more than 5,000 of Évora’s past inhabitants are cemented to the walls of this large, eerie sixteenth-century tomb, created by a group of Franciscan monks. It is home, too, to the Temple of Diana, one of the best-preserved Roman temples remaining on the European mainland.

Cathedrals, churches, aqueducts and ancient castle walls all serve to create the feeling that Évora is a living, breathing museum to Portugal’s rich past. And yet, as a university city, Évora, Portugal, is also a window to the country’s exciting future.

It is easy to travel from Lisbon to Évora for the day, and indeed there are many organised tours that enable visitors to do just that. Yet there are so many things to do in Évora, it is worth taking several days to really explore the city and drink in its unique atmosphere.

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So choose your hotel, pack your bags and check in to one of Portugal’s most picturesque visitor destinations. The historic town of Évora is waiting for you.