Évora Inn Chiado Design

The Évora Inn Chiado Design is the first design hotel to be established in the historic city of Évora in central Portugal.

This UNESCO World heritage city, set within ancient city walls whose face has changed little in centuries, is a must-visit location for visitors keen to explore the historic monuments and architecture of old world Portugal and the Évora Inn Chiado Design hotel is set right in the heart of the action, on the Rua da Republica overlooking the main square, the Praça de Giraldo.

The Évora Inn Chiado Design hotel opened recently to much acclaim, gaining attention from the travel press not just in Portugal but as far afield as New York and elsewhere. The Chiado Design team have taken a building of historic relevance (where the new Portuguese republic was proclaimed in 1910) and traditional architectural style, and located within it a living work of modern art that embraces both the building’s colourful past and its Technicolor future.

Behind the unassuming period walls lies a world of white walls, modern designer furniture and bold colour schemes, creating an environment that is unmatched anywhere in Évora.

The communal areas include a shared kitchen area, a reading and internet area and a lounge in which a small art gallery is located. The hotel boasts several family rooms and double rooms in addition to a low-cost area for up to 22 people in dormitory-style accommodation – but make no mistake, this is shared sleeping with a touch of class!

The rooms are ingeniously named to conjure up the very sense of their history and design aesthetic. Choose from “Exuberance”, “Nostalgia”, “Live Life”, “Stars”, “Pop”, “Diamonds”, “Revolution”, “Soft Portuguese”, “Travelling” and “Lucy in the Sky”, the terrace room located right at the top of the building.

There is no elevator on the premises so if you prefer to save your legs for the sightseeing it is worth requesting a room on the lower floors; however the higher floors do offer some lovely views out across the square and city spires that make the extra legwork worthwhile.

The kitchen area is suitable for preparing snacks and simple meals, however there is a small café located right beneath the hotel serving excellent snacks and a hearty breakfast, perfect for setting you up for a long day touring the sights of the historic city of Évora.

Évora Inn Chiado Design
Rua da República, 11
Évora, Portugal
Tel: +351 266 744 500
Mob: +351 962 216 272
Email: mail@Évorainn.com