Braga Essential Guide

Located in the far north of Portugal, at the heart of the Minho region, lies the ancient city of Braga. The country’s oldest city, Braga, Portugal, is steeped in history, tradition and ancient culture, all of which merge seemingly effortlessly into the contemporary world of a modern-day university-city and thriving tourist destination.

Braga was once an important metropolis at the heart of the Roman Empire and there are many reminders of this golden era — unexpectedly discovered, beautifully restored and lovingly maintained by the citizens of this unique city.

Here, Roman remains are found juxtaposed amongst Baroque palaces, medieval churches and 18th century townhouses, a reminder at every turn of the rich cultural heritage of Braga, Portugal, a city like no other in the northern region of Portugal.

There are so many things to do in Braga, Portugal, it would be hard to tick them all off your list in one trip, but we hope this guide will help you to make your pick of the best and identify the best of the rest for another visit very soon.

If you are planning to visit Braga, provides you with all you need to know. We give you the lowdown on the best hotels in Braga to suit your taste and budget, from restored palaces and stately homes to state-of-the-art hotels flanking the outskirts of this ancient city. Whatever you are looking for, hotels in Braga offer something for everyone.

And when it comes to choosing where to eat and drink, there are plenty of things to do in Braga after dark. Restaurants in Braga showcase the very best of the local Minho cuisine, which brings together the tastes of the wild rolling landscape that surrounds the city and the Atlantic waters that lie just over the hills to the west.

Restaurants in Braga cater for every taste and budget, so whether you are looking for the setting for the perfect celebratory meal or a relaxed bite to the accompaniment of a bottle of the local wine, you will not be disappointed and the possibilities are endless enough to leave you with the feeling of a hard task at hand!
Braga, Portugal is the perfect destination for history, culture and unbeatable cuisine. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and visit for yourself, and you will definitely leave wanting to return, time and time again.