Aveiro Essential Guide

Aveiro, Portugal, is perhaps one of the country’s most unique and inspiring cities, and yet it remains a “hidden gem” that features on surprisingly few travel itineraries for visitors planning their trip to the western flank of the Iberian Peninsula.

This is a city quite unlike any other, a place where urban sophistication and modernity meet and merge with the unique marine environment in which Aveiro, Portugal, has its ancient roots. The lucky visitors who make their way here each year will definitely leave with the feeling of having discovered an alternative Portugal that many will never be fortunate enough to experience.

There are so many things to do in Aveiro, and if you are planning to visit for a few days or more, it is important to plan your trip well and decide what you most want to get out of your visit to the city. We aim to tell you all about the most exciting things to do in Aveiro and give you all the information you need to help you make the most of your stay.

We give you the low-down on the best hotels in Aveiro to suit your taste and budget. From converted waterside town houses in traditional Art Nouveau to state-of-the-art hotels offering every modern amenity, whatever you are looking for, hotels in Aveiro offer something for everyone.

With its rich marine heritage, one would expect the food in Aveiro, Portugal, to have a focus on fish and seafood, and restaurants in Aveiro certainly do not disappoint. Choose from grand waterfront eateries overlooking the city’s canal network or friendly, family-run establishments in the old quarter, serving the freshest ingredients, carefully prepared by talented chefs for the enjoyment of their fortunate clientele.

You can even head out of town to the wide, sandy beaches to sample the catch of the day in its own seaside environment. Whichever you choose, you will find restaurants in Aveiro offer the perfect combination of value for money and delicious gastronomic delights, alongside beautiful views over the city’s main canals.

Aveiro, Portugal is a place like no other. One has to experience it first hand to fully appreciate its magic — so why not come and discover it for yourself? And let us not forget about the lovely, charming people living in Aveiro and giving their best to make you feel at home. But remember — Shh! Don’t give away the secret.