Salpoente Restaurant

Salpoente Restaurant is one of the leading restaurants in Aveiro, Portugal, and is equally popular with locals as it is with the many people who come from far and wide to visit each year.

Located right on the Canal San Roque, Salpoente Restaurant occupies a new building which has been formed from an exciting renovation project of two former salt warehouses, which were once at the heart of the thriving maritime economy of Aveiro.

The result is a beautifully designed, contemporary building which is at once at the forefront of modern Aveiro culture and yet embraces the city’s rich heritage. More than just a restaurant, Salpoente is a cultural destination at the heart of the city’s population, playing host to regular art exhibitions by local artists, and music and drama performances. These frequent cultural activities and performances are guaranteed to liven up an already exciting and unique dining experience.

The décor at Salpoente Restaurant reflects perfectly its ambition to be at the heart of the modern-day Aveiro cultural scene. Whitewashed walls and dark beams conjure up images of a traditional Portugal from times past, while the ochre and burnt orange upholstery, crisp white linen and modern artworks keep it firmly rooted in a contemporary context.

The spacious dining room has capacity for plenty of diners, all eager to try out the delicacies which are carefully prepared by award-winning chef, Duarte Eira. This young, promising chef was awarded first place in the “Revolta do Bacalhau” in 2011 for his Norwegian cod dish which combined tradition and innovation on a single plate of delicious fish.

Cod is indeed a speciality of the restaurant, featuring heavily on the menu as it does in so many leading restaurants across Portugal. Diners who are lucky enough to secure a place at the chef’s table will marvel at the delicacies which are prepared by Duarte Eira and his team in the restaurant’s modern kitchen.

To get the best from your meal at the Salpoente Restaurant in Aveiro, consider opting for the tasting menu, which offers five individual dishes carefully matched by the chef. A wide range of competitively priced starters, soups and mains embraces meet, fish, seafood and fresh vegetables in addition to the variety of cod dishes for which the restaurant has earned its fame.

Open from 12:30PM to 15:00PM for lunch and 19:30PM to 22:30Pm for dinner, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays. This is a popular restaurant so reservations are advisable in order to avoid disappointment.

Salpoente Restaurant
Cais de Sao Roque, 82/83
3800-256 Aveiro
Tel: +351 234 382 674
Mobile: +351 915 138 619