How to get to Aveiro

It is possible to reach Aveiro, Portugal, with relative ease by plane, bus, train or car. To help you plan your trip, we have summarised how to get to Aveiro both from nearby Porto and from elsewhere below.

Aveiro lies some 40 miles south of Portugal’s second city, Porto, which is well served by flights from Lisbon, southern Portugal, Spain and further afield. Flying into Porto and travelling on to Aveiro by car is a popular way to travel, providing not just an easy airport transfer but also ensuring that you have a car at your disposal for exploring this lovely central region.

It takes between 45 minutes and an hour to travel from Porto to Aveiro, using either the A1 toll motorway or the A29 free road. If you are travelling from Lisbon, take the A8 and A17 highways, or if you are coming to Aveiro by car from Spain, you can take the A25 via Salamanca.

If you are wondering how to get to Aveiro by train, it couldn’t be simpler. The city boasts a new train station extremely close to the centre, with regional trains and fast services to most cities in Portugal. If you are travelling from Porto to Aveiro by train, take the E line subway from the airport to Campanha, where you will find the train station directly in front of you. It takes between half an hour and an hour and a quarter to travel from Porto to Aveiro by train depending on the type of train used.

Please take a look at the Comboios de Portugal – CP website for more information on tickets, schedules, stops, and much more.

Travelling from Porto to Aveiro by bus is considerably slower than by train or car thanks to the meandering route taken, however it is worth consideration for the opportunity to see a little more of the area en route. It takes between two and two and a half hours to get to Aveiro by bus using services provided by the bus company Rede Expressos.

If you are, however, planning on getting to Aveiro by bus from Lisbon, it is also pretty straightforward if you refer to the bus company Rede Expressos website or ask for information directly at the Sete Rios station. Here they will give you information on tickets, schedules, stops and how to get to Aveiro the easiest way.