Tavira Essential Guide

Resting placidly in the eastern area of the Algarve region, Tavira, Portugal, is one of the prettiest, most lovely towns in this country’s southern coast. Thanks to its rich historical and cultural heritage, along with wonderful food and good-natured people, Tavira, Portugal, will definitely stir up your curiosity.

In a town where churches outnumber hotels, one can only expect thriving stories about a remarkable historical past that certainly brings another kind of magic to anyone’s vacation. For many centuries, Tavira, Portugal, was under Arab sovereignty, being taken by the Moors in the 13th century, and was elevated to a city in the 16th century, during which time it became one of the main trading ports in the Algarve region.

In spite of the seemingly calm, composed charm of this city, Tavira, Portugal, is seen as the third biggest municipality in the Algarve, with nine civil parishes to be accounted for, many of them stretching across the coast with several well-known beautiful beaches and lagoons, and the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve.

Tavira’s beaches and the entire coastline are known by locals and visitors, with their approximately eleven kilometres of white sand and crystal-clear, warm water. The best way to explore Tavira’s beaches and their surroundings is engaging on boat trips and hikes, mostly around less populated places that are oftentimes only known by locals.

There are a number of different things to do in Tavira, even if you are looking for other adventures that do not include going to the beach or explore the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve. Although it was partially destroyed in the 1755 earthquake, the castle is still a wonder to the eye, especially for those who love exploring historic ruins and ancient settings. Nowadays, you can find an impressive garden filled with jacarandas, bougainvillea flowers, and other nature’s gems that make up the perfect holiday scenario.

You can always indulge in some cultural sightseeing by visiting the more than 20 churches scattered around the city and its parishes. Igreja da Misericórdia is often named as one of the most stunning churches in Tavira, with its blue and white ancient tiles and magnificent carvings and figures. Not far from Igreja da Misericórdia, you will find another outstanding church, the Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo, located near the castle.

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Tavira, Portugal, will make you feel at home while on holiday, so make sure you embark in this amazing journey and take advantage of everything it has to offer.