How to get to Tavira

Tavira is a small, cobblestoned town in the Algarve’s eastern region, a favourite amongst holidaymakers who travel to Portugal every year in search of sunny days and far-reaching beaches. As it sits peacefully in the Portuguese coast, directions to Tavira are pretty straightforward and you can easily get there by car, by train or by bus from different starting points.

To Tavira from Lisbon

If you choose to get to Tavira by car from Lisbon, start by entering the road towards Setúbal / Almada / Sul – Ponte, following the directions to the A2 motorway and driving until you reach an exit to A22 / Spain / Faro. Continue along for just a few minutes until you find the N270 exit towards Tavira on junction 16 and, after that, follow the directions to Rua do Alto do Cano. The city centre will appear just a few metres ahead. This trip will take you approximately three hours.

If you arrive at Lisbon Airport and decide to rent a car and drive from the airport straight to Tavira, just follow directions to E1 / Avenida Cidade do Porto / Segunda Circular and continue along that road until you find the exit towards IC17 at junction 14. Continue along towards A12 – Sul / Ponte Vasco da Gama until you find A22 / Spain / Faro directions. From here, you can take the same route as mentioned above.

However, it is quite easy to get to Tavira from Lisbon by train. At the Gare do Oriente train station, ask for information about schedules and trains to Faro via the intercity train; you will have no problem booking this kind of tickets at different hours throughout the day. You can also refer to the CP – Comboios de Portugal website and check for more information on tickets, destinations, stops, and other train services. When you get to Faro, get on the regional train directly to Tavira, which will cost you about € 3.15. Refer to the CP – Comboios de Portugal website for up-to-date information on schedules and pricing.

Getting to Tavira by bus from Lisbon is quite straightforward as well through Eva Transportes, a national-wide bus company that can take from Lisbon to Tavira at different schedules throughout the day, being 8:15 AM the first scheduled departure and 8:30 PM the last one. The bus trip will take approximately four hours and costs about € 20. Refer to the Eva Transportes website for more information on schedules, ticket fees and discounts, and other information.

To Tavira from Faro

Directions to Tavira from Faro are rather easy to follow and it all comes down to the means of transportation you decide to go for. If, on one hand, you choose to rent a car and drive from Faro Airport to Tavira, the quickest way to get there is to take the N125-10 and continue along until you find the exit towards Santa Brás. After a few minutes, turn right at the E1 / A22 / IP1 towards A22 / Spain / Olhão e continue until you find the N270 – Tavira exit on junction 16. From there, follow the N270 – Tavira until you reach the city centre. This trip takes only about 30 minutes.

It is also very manageable to get to Tavira from Faro by train, as we mentioned above, and also by bus through the same bus transportation company, Eva Transportes. Check their website for more information on schedules, ticket fees and discounts, and other relevant details for improving your trip.

To Tavira from Spain

In case you are coming from Spain, the route is very easy to follow. Take the A-497 motorway, which passes through a number of different southern cities in Spain, towards Ayamonte / Portugal and stay on that path until you find the A-492 / Aljaraque exit. If you continue along the A-492, you will soon find the exit towards Portugal and, after that, remain on the A-49 motorway until you enter Portugal (beware of toll) and exit towards N270 – Tavira.