Weather in Tavira

Travellers from all over the country and beyond often find Tavira one of the loveliest destinations in Portugal to spend their holidays.

Tavira weather is exceptionally pleasant all year round, as it enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, plenty of sun and hardly any rain during the warmer months, although winter is still a rather wonderful time to visit Tavira and explore everything it has to offer.

The location is definitely a plus, as being on the eastern coast of the Algarve, Portugal, may do wonders for a lovely weather no matter the month you decide to travel in.

Summer in Tavira

From June until September, the weather in Tavira is overall dry and very hot, making it the perfect destination in Portugal to enjoy the beautiful beaches in and around the resort. The average high temperatures begins at around 25º C in June and can easily reach 29º C and 30º C in July and August, which are the most overcrowded months.

The lowest temperatures are actually quite pleasant all the same, rarely falling below 18º C at night. You will probably always feel a slight breeze coming from the ocean, but a light jacket will easily do the trick.

There is barely any rain during summer, one of the many pluses of this picturesque fishing town in the Algarve region, adding up to an unforgettable trip filled with beach time and other activities under the warm sun.

Winter in Tavira

During the months between December and February, the weather in Tavira tends to get somewhat colder, as it would, and temperatures can easily fall to 8º C. Higher temperatures usually rise up to 16º C and, although the levels of rain increase, hitting its peak in December, you can still enjoy Tavira weather this time of year and explore its natural beauties and surroundings, as spending time in the beach can become quite unpleasant.

Spring & Autumn in Tavira

Although there is increasingly more rain during the spring and autumn months in comparison, of course, with the summertime, you will certainly be able to enjoy nice, warm days for the entire time of your vacation. Average temperatures drop to 22º C and 23º C, which is still consistently wonderful and, at night, you may encounter temperatures hitting the 20s.

This kind of weather in Tavira can occur both in the spring and the autumn months, although you must always be prepared for uncommon weather events and check the weather forecast before you leave.

Spring and autumn in Tavira also make up for a great time of the year for golf lovers to take advantage of the few world-famous golf courses located near Tavira, just a short car drive away from the city centre.