Herdade da Corte

Located amidst the Caldeirão hills, just 10 kilometres away from Tavira, the picturesque gem of the eastern Algarve region, lays the Herdade da Corte. This twin set of country houses is definitely one in a million, a symbol of tranquillity absorbed in nature and tranquillity.

Erected in late 19th century, it still exhibits the name of its former owner at the main entrance, Manuel Domingos Lopes. Even after the Herdade da Corte was purchased by the current owners, its rustic, bucolic, and pastoral feel was flawlessly maintained coupled with a modern take scattered through the manor.

The Herdade da Corte offers well-equipped bedrooms, decorated with such taste and care you will not want to go outside. They also feature en-suite bathrooms with hair dryer, satellite TV, air conditioning, and complementary, high quality toiletries.

Divided into two rustic houses, Herdade da Corte provides guests with the best they can get. The main house, Monte do Lavrador, is composed of seven classic double rooms, swimming pool, living room, tennis court, bar, terrace, a lounge room, and a children’s play area. Tip: there is a low cost room, which is smaller, but surely value for money in such a lovely setting. Monte da Beleza is located approximately 600 meters away from the main house and offers five junior suites. Prices range between € 120 and € 200 per night and per room.

When it comes to gastronomic delights, the Herdade da Corte has what it takes to provide guests with the very best meals, starting with breakfast and the nearly—dare we say—best freshly made juice in the world, along with a nice variety of bread, homemade jams, honey, cereals, coffee, and tea.

At night, indulge in a homemade meal created with the freshest ingredients from the local markets. They are well-known for their steak and fish dishes, so do not wait any longer to book your stay. Also, they have a wine list that offers some of the best wine from Portugal’s vineyards.

After relaxing by the pool or enjoying the Herdade da Corte surroundings, you can go on hikes, bicycle rides, bird watching, and perhaps even a picnic while the sun is setting.

In case you own or rented a car, it is possible to venture off and explore the picturesque Tavira and its wonderful cultural sights, as well as other of its beautiful parishes: Cacelha Velha, Santa Catarina, and Santa Luzia.

Also, try not to miss out on the wonderful wine tastings that usually take place at the Herdade da Corte, as it would be a lovely opportunity to get acquainted with some of the best things in the Algarve, Portugal.

Herdade da Corte
Sítio da Corte
Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo
Tavira, Portugal
Email: herdadedacorte@herdadedacorte.com
Tel: +351 281 971 625
Fax: +351 281 971 266