Weather in Aveiro

Aveiro is located in west-central Portugal at the mouth of an estuary which opens out to the rolling waters of the Atlantic Ocean, flanking the country’s eastern coast.

Aveiro weather is generally mild throughout the year, making it a popular choice for Portuguese residents, ex-pats and visitors at all times of the year. Summer in Aveiro is usually warm and dry with average highs in the mid twenties although they have on occasion been known to climb significantly higher. The highest temperature ever recorded was 39º C, though for the mercury to reach this high is of course extremely rare.

In general, the weather in Aveiro makes it a destination for people who like their temperatures neither too hot nor too cold. Summer in Aveiro is at its peak in July and August and the city is pleasantly warm from April until October. These months are also the driest, although rainfall can occur now and then. Thanks to the cooling breeze which rolls off the Atlantic, night time temperatures in Aveiro are never too high, with temperatures sitting around fifteen degrees.

Winter in Aveiro is wetter than other seasons, with relatively high levels of rainfall between October and February, and often into April or May. Conversely, frosts are rare during winter in Aveiro thanks to the city’s low altitude, and on average daytime highs during the rest of the year often sit at around 15 degrees Celsius, making this a pleasant choice for those looking to spend some time in Portugal off season.

For those considering visiting the areas around Aveiro, it is worth noting that as you move inland and onto higher ground, night frosts become more common and it is not unusual to note a covering of white on the peaks of the more mountainous areas.