Weather in Braga

Braga is the perfect choice for visitors looking for warm summer days without the searing heat of southern Portugal in high season, as well as for those in search of an off-season destination where the temperatures are unlikely to dip too far.

September to April is generally considered to be off season, when the weather in Braga tends to be wetter than at other times of the year. Rainfall peaks in January and February, when visitors can catch as many as 18 days of rain in a single month. This is offset to some extent by the favourable temperatures however, which generally are unknown to fall below 5 degrees Celsius.

Spring in Braga is a delightful time to visit. Rainfall decreases significantly and the humidity for which the area is sometimes known remains far short of its summer peak. Temperatures rise from May onwards, with daily averages usually sitting at 20 degrees Celsius or more.

During the high summer months in Braga, rainfall drops, with July and the surrounding months usually boasting no more than five days of rain on average, accompanied by delightful daytime temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius — perfect for sightseeing and relaxing during the balmy summer evenings in Braga with a cool glass of Portuguese beer or local Port wine.

Humidity is a consideration in Braga during high season, however, thanks to the fact that the temperatures rarely soar over 30 degrees, few would say that this makes the weather conditions in the city uncomfortable.

The weather in Braga during the autumn months makes it a popular destination for late-season visitors to Portugal. Braga weather at this time of year is similar to the spring, with comfortable daytime temperatures well into the end of October, albeit accompanied with a little more rain than in the high season months.