Weather in Albufeira

It is no secret that Albufeira is one of the most popular and coveted holiday destinations in the Algarve region, if not Portugal, and there are many reasons that can easily explain this fact. One of the chief motives that make people from all over the world feel lured to discover this beautiful city is, of course, the amazing weather in Albufeira.

As much as the entire Algarve region, the weather in Albufeira offers a year-round sunny, hot, Mediterranean climate, with the occasional soft breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean, which makes Albufeira perfect for windsurfing, sailing and other water sports alike.

Summer in Albufeira

Summer in Albufeira is amazingly sunny, hot and an ideal time to visit the old town and its beautiful surroundings beaches. July and August are the hottest months with temperatures rising up to 30º C or more. Early and late summer months are usually more pleasant, because they are still sunny and dry, but not as scorching as the peak months.

Sea water temperatures can reach a high 22º C in August, which means it can usually feel better to be in the water than outside. As it does not typically happen this way, do not forget to wear plenty of high-factor sunscreen, especially if you have children with you. It is advised that tourists and locals alike avoid sun exposure between 11 AM and 3 PM.

Precipitation during summer in Albufeira is extremely rare, and some months do not even receive any rain at all. This makes Albufeira one of the best places to visit in Portugal throughout the entire year.

Winter in Albufeira

Winter in Albufeira is usually still sunny, but temperatures can drop to a minimum of 9º C, so if you are thinking of visiting Albufeira in December and January, make sure you bring warmer clothes for the chillier evenings. During the day, average temperatures rest on 15º C.

Winter in Albufeira is also the time of the year that receives most of its rainfall and it usually gets windier. This is also the season when Albufeira is visited by violent storms because of its proximity to the ocean.

Autumn in Albufeira

Autumn in Albufeira is usually rainy and windy, although temperatures are not as low as it prevents tourists from visiting it and explore its beaches. At night, however, temperatures begin decreasing at a faster pace and tourists are advised to wear warmer clothing.

Spring in Albufeira

Spring in Albufeira usually begins in mid-April and rainfall decreases to frequent light showers. Temperatures can rise up to 20º C and the bigger days bring more hours of sun for every visitor to enjoy.
Before planning for your holiday in Albufeira, confirm the weather forecast for the days you will be visiting and do the right arrangements to avoid sun overexposure and dehydration for you and your family.