Os Arcos Restaurant

Tucked away in a quiet side street within the heart of the old town of sunny Albufeira, in the Algarve region, Portugal, is Os Arcos Restaurant, a nice, family-run place away from the busiest spots but nevertheless almost always full of locals and tourists alike.

However, once you find it, you will immediately know you arrived at the right place. The playful, colourful façade depicting the name of the restaurant, along with a few straight lines of vivid yellow contouring the entrance and the main window, will set the mood and prepare you for a loving, warm welcome.

Inside, you will find one of the owners of this family-run business, Jose, which will promptly take you to your table, or show you the menu and offer you a drink in case you have not booked beforehand. His wife, Paula, works the kitchen like you have never seen anyone do it and the results are mouth-watering.

At Os Arcos Restaurant, the interior is cosy and charming, with a few bare brick walls and hints a rustic decoration with earthly tones. Although Albufeira is overly popular during summertime and there are travellers coming from all over the world, in here you will definitely find locals and know exactly you are in the right place at the right time.

The menu features the typical couvert, which is bread, the occasional olive plate and a wonderful homemade tuna paste. Choose wisely if you intend to eat the couvert or move forward to some lovely starters, like garlic prawns or calamari. Although Jose is one of the most kind and welcoming owners you will ever find, the lack of staff makes the service a little slower than you would expect, but the meal is well worth the wait.

For mains, the fish is always a great choice, as Jose makes sure he shows every guest the restaurant’s freshly caught fish so they can see the quality themselves and choose from the fish available.

Whether you choose the grilled sea bass, the sea bream, the monkfish or any other species typical of the Algarve region, you will not be disappointed.

If, however, you prefer to try a meat dish while you are in Os Arcos Restaurant, the black pig, the Portuguese steak or the grilled chicken will surely leave you more than satisfied with the fine dining in this restaurant.

Top it all off with a delightful homemade chocolate cake and a glass of sparkling wine and your evening will be complete. Take note: they are closed on Sundays.

Os Arcos Restaurant
Rua Alves Correia 25
8200-090 Albufeira
Algarve, Portugal
Tel: +351 289 513 460