O Lusitano

When visiting this coveted region of Portugal, the Algarve, it is always important to bear the true Portuguese experiences in mind. In Albufeira, the range of restaurants to choose from is almost endless, mainly the ones carrying fish specialties in their menus or a savvy twist to your favourite steak.

O Lusitano Restaurant is a little bit tricky to find, yet it is well worth going the extra mile to have a nice meal here, especially if you are driving and own a GPS device. Try and ask for directions at your hotel desk and they will certainly teach you the best way to reach this gem.

At O Lusitano Restaurant, the unique food experience will definitely guarantee it a spot at your top choices in Albufeira. Pedro and Carlos, the owners, welcome their guests with a smile and always keeping their guests’ wishes and demands in mind.

The nice atmosphere felt at O Lusitano Restaurant will add up to the experience, of course, but the dishes are definitely one of the main reasons people keep returning year after year, locals and tourists alike.

A lot of people find O Lusitano Restaurant to be the true bearer of the best typical Portuguese cuisine in Albufeira. Their menu features a number of different seemingly delicious cuisine jewels from the Algarve, but the rest of Portugal is also taken into consideration, and that is why the whole experience is so rich and enjoyable.

Do not be shy and for starters try tasting a lovely cheese with the Portuguese sausage, both very typical in Portugal.

As for mains, the fish is definitely the way to go—the sardines and the swordfish are typically classified as marvellous—but a nice chunk of meat would also add up to your dining experience at O Lusitano. Try the Iberian pork, for instance, or the steak. The Alheira, a type of Portuguese sausage made with several different meats like veal, quail or duck, is one of those flavours you will not want to miss when engaging in this unique epicurean journey.

If you are bringing children to the restaurant, there is nothing to worry about: O Lusitano Restaurant features a children’s menu. Top it off with a dessert, perhaps typically from the Algarve as well: Almond cake.

The chocolate house special is also a must-try at O Lusitano. The wine selection is outstanding and we suggest you let the maître decide which one should accompany your meal. All in all, a charming experience.

O Lusitano Restaurant
Urbanização Quinta Correeira
Lote 54 – Bloco 4
8200-115 Albufeira
Algarve, Portugal
Tel: +351 289 592 217