Ria Formosa Boat Trip

Being as knowingly peaceful and idyllic as it is, Tavira is probably the best place in the Algarve region to make you enjoy that peacefulness and discover more about its natural surroundings, mainly because of the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve.

One of the most pleasing ways of truly exploring the Ria Formosa and its many wonders is by going on a boat trip, which can be arranged more easily than you can imagine.

Tavira - Boat TripDue to the increasing interest of tourists regarding the fauna, flora and other nature gems around Tavira, the number of boat trip stands across Tavira and Tavira Island has exponentially grown and nowadays it is possible to arrange for a boat with a guide for a couple of people and at a reasonable price.

Considered to be one of the most important wetlands for aquatic birds in Portugal, a boat trip is the perfect activity to observe such species as the white stork, the little egret, and the spoonbill, the black and bar-tailed godwit, the curlew, the whimbrel, the grey plover, and many, many others.

All boat trips are made with a perfectly knowledgeable tour guide who ensures the participants with a full detailed explanation about the geography of the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve, as well as the species being observed.

The wonderful array of bird species and their habitats make up for an amazing adventure, especially during migration season.

Usually, tours have a minimum of two or three hours, so you can enjoy the most you can along the lagoon waters. You can easily customise your own tour, depending on your taste and wishes.

During the boat trip, it is quite wonderful to make a few stops on the Islands sitting peacefully while we stream ahead. Tavira Island or Cabanas de Tavira are always great destinations for a lunch or go for a stroll around the villages.

The beaches are, of course, the chief ingredient that makes this region so beautiful and unspoilt, so if you wish, you can easily visit a few beaches surrounding Tavira and the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve during the boat trip.

The tour crosses clam farms and oyster beds as well, which accounts for one of the most important economic activities in the area currently, and making a stop to observe up-close is a unique opportunity for those participating in these boat trips.

Tavira Boat TripDuring wintertime, it is also possible to observe the greater flamingo, the sandwich tern, and the caspian tern.

All bird-watching boat trips are accompanied by experienced and knowledgeable guides that will make sure all participants take the best from this trip.

In addition to bird-watching sprees, there is also another activity that is generally very accepted and sought-after by holidaymakers: fishing.

From deep sea fishing to a family fishing trip, it is possible to engage in any of these activities from Tavira or other villages close-by. Make sure you get all the information you need online or from your hotel desk, as they will surely be glad to provide you with locations, schedules, fees, and other relevant information.

It is also possible to go a little bit further and do big game fishing, which consists of getting larger fish species, like the blue shark, the swordfish, the tuna, and many others.

And in case you are travelling with your better half, there are several boat trips dedicated to a more romantic kind of tour, with champagne, seafood and other surprises along the way, ending the wonderful trip with the sun setting on the lagoon.

Just sit back and soak up the sun while you enjoy an amazing boat trip around Tavira’s surroundings in the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve, and it does not get any better than this. This natural reserve lives up to its reputation and will certainly not leave you disappointed with the stunning views, thousands of birds to watch, and the most amazing sunset on the water.