Restaurant A Raposa

Nestled amongst the greenery and crowning the hillsides of the Sintra mountain range are some of the most exquisite architectural buildings of any of Europe’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And this eclectic mix of beautiful, timeless buildings is matched perfectly by Restaurant A Raposa.

A tea room by day and restaurant by night (and also day when diners request it), Restaurant A Raposa is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered on your trip to Sintra in Portugal.

The exterior does not do justice to the beauty that awaits when you enter. This renovated old building boasts one of the area’s grandest dining rooms with towering stucco ceilings, tasteful murals on the walls, comfortable carved wooden furniture and large picture windows flooding the room with light and providing lovely views out to Sintra town beyond. Grandeur and modernity meet here to provide some of the best shabby chic décor around.

Eclectic and quirky are the two words that best describe Restaurant A Raposa. The owner, Sergio is also the chef and during quieter times the waiter too, all rolled into one. Carefully arranged patterned teacups are laid out on every table, homage to the establishment’s wide selection of teas from all over the world and there is often a mouth-watering display of cakes to match.

Candles are lit throughout the dining room during the evening hours and even the bathrooms are adorned with rose petals to complete the perfect experience.

There is an excellent wine list to choose from – though Sergio is such a master of taste and occasion that most diners in the know opt for his suggestion in order to set off their meals to perfection. Sergio is happy to serve wines by the glass, perfect for matching the right flavours to each course.

Dishes include mouth-watering shredded lamb, pork loin and a beautifully cooked blood sausage, something of a speciality in this area of Portugal. As with many restaurants in the region, the proximity of Sintra to the Estoril coast means that Restaurant A Raposa is able to offer plenty of fresh fish and seafood dishes, freshly caught from the local Atlantic waters.

Visit during the evening to enjoy your meal to the sounds of a romantic jazz backcloth. Expect to pay medium to high-end prices for a meal for two and visit early in your trip to Sintra as you are sure to want to go back for more.

Restaurant A Raposa
Rua Conde Ferreira, 29
2710-556 Sintra
Tel: 21 924 34 40