Restaurant Nautilus

Praia das Maçãs, close to the village of Colares, is a popular location, particularly at weekends and during holidays, for visitors from Sintra, Cascais, Lisbon, and further afield in Portugal and beyond.

It makes a welcome retreat away from the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life in Portugal’s larger towns, offering rest and relaxation on the golden beaches and some delicious seafood offerings in its cafés and restaurants.

Praia das Maçãs is just 15 minutes from Sintra by car and is certainly worth a try if you are heading out to the beach for the day or staying in a hotel close by. It is also at the end of the tramway that leads to the beach from Sintra, making it very easy to reach. Nautilus is not located right on the waterfront, but on a small square just behind the front line.

It is an unassuming place with just ten tables and some room for sitting out and eating al fresco on the square. Its small size and unglamorous frontage and décor mean it is often overlooked, but those in the know return time after time to Restaurant Nautilus to enjoy its welcoming atmosphere, tasty food and excellent prices.

The waiting staff is friendly and the owner speaks perfect English, making this an excellent choice if your knowledge of Portuguese is limited, especially as the menu is in both Portuguese and English, too.

Not surprisingly given its location right on the western central coast of Portugal, the Restaurant Nautilus specialises in fish and seafood. The Carne de porco Alentejana is one of the most popular dishes on offer, consisting of a deliciously tender pork fillet served with fresh clams, potatoes and a good dose of garlic. Poached seabass is another favourite, sautéed with banana (plantain) slices to add a certain Brazilian twist.

Portions are large and the thoughtful waiting staff returns your dishes to the kitchen to be kept warm in between servings to ensure it is at its best when it reaches your plate. They will also suggest the perfect wine to accompany the dishes.

Average prices are around €20 for two courses with wine, which compares Restaurant Nautilus very favourably in the value-for-money stakes against the waterfront restaurants nearby.

Restaurant Nautilus
Rua Gonçalves Zarco, 1
Praia das Maçãs
2705-310 Colares
Sintra, Portugal
Tel: +351 219 291 816