Weather in Sintra

Sintra, in Portugal, enjoys a year-round climate that is extremely favourable. Thanks to its position on the western coast of the country, it enjoys fresh breezes that rise off the Atlantic and up into the rolling greenery of the Sintra mountain range.

In fact, the weather in Sintra was largely to thank for Portugal’s former royal family and many members of the European aristocracy making it their favoured summer retreat – thus building the vast array of magical palaces and castles that line its dramatic hilltops.

Sintra weather is at its best during the summer months, when the days are a delightful 28 degrees on average and the nights are still pleasantly cool enough to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Weather in Sintra is at its coldest in January when temperatures range between nine and 15 degrees on average but it is rare that the thermometer dips below zero, even high up on the summit of the hills.

Rainfall is highest in December, though the spring and autumn can both see their fair share of rain. Visit in summer however, and you will benefit from long, dry days, hours of gleaming sunshine and cool evenings. Perfection.