Colares Velho

With three different towns in the region sharing squares of the same name and an establishment of the same number, it can be tricky to find Restaurant Colares Velho but when you do it is certainly worth the effort.

The Restaurante Colares Velho is located in the restored building of a former grocery store in the rural village of Colares, close to the historic town of Sintra, Portugal. It specializes in serving traditional dishes from this local region of Portugal, made from the very best ingredients grown on the local farmhouses.

The tea room doubles as a bistro during the day, serving not just a bewildering array of teas from all over the world but also a range of gourmet snacks and pastries designed to set the palate alight.

The décor in both the tea room/bistro and the main restaurant is a mix of high quality 200-year-old display cabinetry, literally full to bursting with wines and memorabilia, along with plush upholstery and light, airy colours that add a touch of freshness to the proceedings. There is even a patio and cigar room, perfect for a moment of relaxation over an after dinner coffee or liqueur.

The menu is typical of this area of Portugal, with plenty of regional dishes on offer, all of which are executed extremely well and certainly make the trip to Colares from Sintra worthwhile. Service here is second to none, with the waiting staff well briefed on the menu and well trained to ensure that customers’ dining experience is as good as it can be.

Favourite dishes on offer include Morcela embutida with orange and sprouts, mouth-wateringly tender pork fillet, seafood fish pie in saffron sauce and duck with dauphinoise potatoes. Finish with rich chocolate cake, lemon meringue or an impressively perky orange soufflé.

The wine list is as varied and reliable as the food at Restaurant Colares Velho, with plenty of choice of vintage, region and grape to suit every budget. The restaurant can get busy during the evening, especially during high season, so if you are making the trip from Sintra do take the time to make a reservation to ensure a table is waiting for you.

Restaurante Colares Velho
?R. Fria 1??
2705-192 Sintra,
?Tel: +351 219 292 727???