Faz Gostos Restaurant

Faz Gostos Restaurant was conceived some time back as a quality dining establishment on the Algarve, on Portugal’s southern coast. It quickly earned itself a reputation for being one of the best eateries in the area and its arrival of its sister restaurant in Lisbon has been long awaited.

Finally, Faz Gostos is here, and is living up to the large expectations upon it. This is the place to come for a taste of the Algarve from the comfort of a sophisticated restaurant in Lisbon. Located on Rua Nova da Trindade, Faz Gostos Restaurant occupies the building of a former convent.

Steeped in history, the building itself was originally built by Queen Isabel, wife of King Dinis of Portugal in 1325 although it was later destroyed in the devastating earthquake that destroyed much of Lisbon in 1755.

It was then that the Rua Nova da Trindade was formed – literally with the division of the building as it opened up in two!

Part of the original walls still remains and these were incorporated into the new convent building which was built following the earthquake in the 18th century. This wonderful historical setting makes for the perfect backdrop to your meal at Faz Gostos Restaurant.

The interior is delightful, with a high arched interior and some interesting azulejos, a type of ceramic tile design that is popular in Portugal. The service is formal but helpful and the food is delightfully traditional but with a compelling modern twist.

Chef Duval Pestana takes the lead in the kitchen, producing dishes with a distinct Algarve edge such as Ria Formosa razor clam rice; Ovas de Sardinha da Manna de Olhao (a kind of Portuguese caviar); Ria Formosa Cockle Pattie; Algarve Octopus Salad; and Stewed Lta Luzia Octopus with sweet potatoes.

Add to these some well-executed traditional favourites such as braised tuna steak; traditional salt cod with chick peas; pork loin flambéed with port wine; and prawn fricasse with pine nuts and it is easy to see why this restaurant in Lisbon has proved such as success.

The wine list is well chosen and in addition to the usual favourites it features a number of interesting but lesser known varieties and vintages – a real voyage of viticultural discovery.

Do take the time to book if you don’t want to be disappointed as Faz Gostos is highly popular, especially at weekends.

Faz Gostos
Rua Nova da Trindade, 11
1200-301 Lisbon
Tel: +351 213 472 249