Faz Figura Restaurant

Faz Figura Restaurant is commonly accepted to be one of the finest restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal, and yet it is also one of the city’s best-kept secrets. Its popularity is such that it does not need to advertise, and its reputation is spread by word of mouth and a dedication to providing its visitors with a unique and memorable dining experience.

The location of Faz Figura Restaurant does little to draw attention to it in the mainstream. It is set in a hilly area in the narrow streets of the upper areas of Lisbon. Make your way on foot or alternatively you can take the metro to the nearby Santa Apolonia station.

Whichever way you get there, you are certain to enjoy a meal that will leave you with wonderful memories of your trip to Portugal.

If you have your own transport or are driving a hire car, valet parking is available on arrival at this restaurant in Lisbon – a nice touch to set your meal off to a great start. Remember though the limitations of driving to a meal out – the wonderful wine list Faz Figura Restaurant awaits!

The dining room is beautifully decorated in typical 19th-century style. Antique azulejos, or ceramic tiles, and prints of city scenes line the walls, which seem appropriate, given Faz Figura Restaurant’s proximity to the charming tile museum.

If the weather permits (as it usually does in Portugal), request a table out on the veranda, where you can enjoy your meal against a faultless Lisbon backdrop. The panoramic views extend down over the rooftops across the sweeping waters of the river Tagus and the Cristo Rei statue at its banks.

The menu at this charming restaurant in Lisbon is unashamedly traditional in its offerings, but prepared with the greatest attention to detail and using the freshest carefully sourced ingredients.

Must-try dishes include the cod mousse stuffed inside a roasted pepper with coriander pesto; smoked partridge mouse with rocket and pine nut salad; octopus tempura; black pork tenderloin stuffed with coriander rapini; and a lovely take on duck with orange sauce.

There are various traditional soups and stews to choose from. Try the cataplana – a kind of fish and seafood stew that is typical in Portugal; or the Brazilian-inspired feijoada with beans and shellfish.

Desserts include coffee soufflé with prunes and a wonderful caramel concoction with tangerine sorbet.

Faz Figura Restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Reservations are recommended.

Faz Figura
Rua do Paraiso 15-B
1100-395 Lisbon
Tel: +351 218 868 981