Weather in Faro

Faro, located in southern area of the well-known Algarve’s region, is one of those places where you will definitely want to return, as its Mediterranean climate, with lots of sunshine and warm breezes, makes up for the perfect reason to spend your holiday there.

Temperatures in Faro are warm and pleasant all year round, as it is considered to be of the sunniest places in Portugal and even in Europe.

Summer in Faro

Travellers can expect longer, warm days as of May, with mild temperatures between 20º and 25º, although the nights are still a bit chillier, so make sure you pack a few warm clothes to keep you comfortable while you enjoy the nightlife in Faro. In the peak of summer, the weather in Faro hits high temperatures, mainly from June to August, with an average of 12 hours of sunshine per day.

However, because of Faro’s location, right in the Algarve’s coast, you can easily enjoy cooling sea breezes from time to time that will certainly give you and your family a break from the warm weather in Faro.

Evenings are warm, with averages temperatures between 18º and 20º C. Rain in Faro during summertime is barely noticeable and remains that way until October.

Summer in Faro is the perfect time to enjoy the city, the beaches and its surrounding region, which appeals to holidaymakers from all around the world.

Spring and Autumn in Faro

The weather in Faro throughout the rest of the year is still very enjoyable and boasts plenty of sunshine. Temperatures in Faro during spring can reach 17º on sunny days, although averages remain around 10-13º C. Nights are colder, so make sure you go prepared with the right clothes to keep you warm while you discover Faro and its surroundings.

During autumn, temperatures in Faro are still warm and can actually approach 30º C during October. Although temperatures remain pleasant, rain in Faro increases during this season, climbing up until November and then reaching its peak on the winter months.

Winter in Faro

Temperatures in Faro during wintertime are generally mild, but you can definitely expect very low yet still bearable temperatures during night time. Winter in Faro can be pleasant, with sunny days and temperatures averaging between 12º and 16º C during the day, and 8º and 10º during night time.

However, rain in Faro hits its peak on winters, with December, January and February being the wettest months. In spite of the not so bright forecast, this can still be a great time to visit if you are looking to run away from harsher winters and see Faro as a great chance to do it.

Make sure you are well informed about weather forecasts before travelling and prepare accordingly. This will, at least, avoid surprises arising from very rare events such as, for instance, the extreme cold in January 2006 that saw beaches covered in snow throughout the Algarve’s region.