Useful Information

If you are thinking of travelling to Faro in Portugal, there are various pieces of information you will need in advance of your trip. Here we have gathered together some of the most important pieces of Faro information to help you plan your time, from getting there and getting around to where to stay and what to see what you are there.

Faro Airport is well served by international flights from destinations is the main arrival point for most overseas visitors to the city. Find out about car hire options, local taxis, private transfers and how to get from the airport to some of the other major centres dotted along the Algarve coastline, while travellers arriving by car from elsewhere in the country or over the border from Spain can check here for travel directions.

Other helpful Faro information included here covers timezone differences and a guide to Faro’s weather through the seasons to help you plan for your trip. With a mild and pleasant climate all year round, it is the ideal destination for travellers whatever the season, but with a little forward planning you can help to make sure the conditions are just right for your favourite activities from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.