How to Get to Faro

Faro, Portugal, is Algarve’s most well-known city and also the district’s capital. Located in the heart of the southern coast, Faro is the ideal place to roam the beautiful golden beaches and perfect blue sea, with its sunny, warm weather and historical sights. Read below for directions to Faro from Lisbon and other ways of reaching this idyllic city.

To Faro by car

Faro Directions

Faro Directions

Due to its central location, directions to Faro from Lisbon by car are quite straightforward if you choose the motorway, which will take you approximately three hours, depending on the traffic.

Whether you are leaving the Lisbon airport or coming directly from Lisbon — or any other major Portuguese city —, the ideal route is to take the exit towards Setúbal / Almada / Sul – Ponte and then continue along the A2 motorway until you find a toll.

Then continue left towards A22 / Espanha / Faro, and continue for a few more minutes until you find junction 13 that will take you to N125 – Faro / Aeroporto. Just continue along the IC4 / N125 towards Faro and keep following the directions, which are well signposted, until the city centre.

The vast majority of travellers arriving to Faro from Spain take the relatively easy overland route heading west from Seville across the border to eastern Algarve. Then, one just takes the A-49 motorway, passing close to Sanlúcar la Mayor, and continues along towards Portugal.
When entering Portugal, just follow the directions towards the A22 motorway and continue along Faro-Centro / São Brás de Alportel. You will get to the city centre in no time.

To Faro by bus

After arriving at the Faro Airport, you will encounter a number of different transportation choices that will take you to the city centre. One of those is going to Faro by bus through Eva Transportes, which ensure daily carriers from the airport to Faro – Av. República, from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., on weekdays and weekends as well. Check for more information online or ask in one of their ticket offices, which are located in Faro and other main cities in Algarve.

Also, it is possible to travel from Lisbon to Faro by bus with the same bus company. They ensure a daily schedule of departures and arrivals with different timetables from morning until early evening. You can check for more information online or ask in their ticket office located at the Terminal Rodoviário de Lisboa, Estrada das Laranjeiras, which is open from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. every day of the week.

To Faro by train

There is something romantic about travelling by train and Portugal’s well-known railway tradition is something everyone should definitely experience, if not just for the beautiful sights throughout the country that follow the railway lines.

When in Lisbon, or other major Portuguese city with an operating train station, it is quite easy to arrive to Faro by train. In Lisbon, you take the train from two of the main stations in Lisbon, Entrecampos and Gare do Oriente. Ask for information about which one would be closer to you, although Gare do Oriente ensures a more wide-ranging schedule of departures from Lisbon to Faro. Once you are at the train station, ask for information on timetables, prices and other train services at your disposal. You can also check for more information at the CP – Comboios de Portugal website.