Weather in Cascais

Thanks to Cascais’ geographical position right on the central western tip of Portugal, weather in Cascais is almost always favourable.
Summer temperatures can climb high during daytime hours but these are always tempered by cooler evenings to give a welcome break from the heat.

Cascais weather can vary depending on exactly where you are. While temperatures can climb in the town itself, there is usually a pleasant sea breeze to keep you comfortable during your time on the beach.

Furthermore, the mountain at Sintra offers its own unique microclimate and is consistently cooler than the temperature at lower ground level, making it the perfect place to combine some attractive sightseeing with a welcome break from the hot summer sun.

Night-time temperatures, even in summer, rarely remain above 22 degrees Celsius so getting a comfortable night’s sleep is rarely a problem.

Weather in Cascais, Portugal is a little cooler during the spring and autumn months and visitors will enjoy the added benefit of fewer crowds and even slightly lower prices.

However, while there is little rain if any during the summer months, Cascais weather can be a little wetter at the beginning and end of the season.