How to Get to Cascais

Cascais is a cosmopolitan beach resort on the west coast of Portugal, located close to Estoril in the greater Lisbon area. As the former residence of the Portuguese royal family, Cascais is a favourite amongst travellers from all over Portugal and beyond.

Cascais directions for motorists are very straightforward, the A5 heading due west providing the most direct and time-effective route. If you have more time to spare, however, and are wondering how to get to Cascais via a more scenic route, try the Marginal coast road, which hugs the rugged shoreline all the way from Lisbon. Journey times range between 40 minutes or so on the main trunk road and several hours of breath-taking sightseeing along the coast.



Cascais directions by train are very straightforward, with regular services operating from Lisbon city centre at a cost of just two euros and thirty cents, and if you are arriving at Lisbon airport and need to know how to get to Cascais without making your way into the city centre, you will be pleased to know that a regular bus services operates all the way to Cais do Sodre from the airport every twenty minutes.

For up to date Cascais directions and information on how to get to Cascais during your visit to Portugal, it is advisable to consult the bus or train timetables on the internet before beginning your journey, or head to a tourist information point once you are on the ground in Portugal.