Weather in Alvor

Visitors come to Alvor, in the southern region of Portugal, from all the country and beyond to enjoy the wonderful weather all year round.

The weather in Alvor is lovely, with its amazing beaches to add up to the equation, making it a top destination for travellers and residents, especially in the summer.

In fact, whenever you visit this delightful corner of the Algarve, warmth and sunshine are never far away.

Summer in Alvor

Summer in Alvor is amongst the best in the country, with temperatures averaging between 27º and 35º C during the hotter months, being pleasantly cool at night, which makes the most of your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Summer in Alvor, however hot, provides with the very best combination: cooling sea breezes coming off the Atlantic on the hot summer days.

During summertime, temperatures in Alvor average between 25º and 30º C, and sometimes higher, mainly in July and August.

Weather in Alvor boasts sunshine throughout the season and rain is practically next to none. However, if you prefer temperatures a little lower, spring and autumn make the perfect compromise.

Spring and Autumn in Alvor

Spring in Alvor, as well as autumn, may be a little wetter, with the odd shower to take the edge off things, whereas rain in the high summer is something of a rarity in this part of Portugal. You will feel you have entered the perfect site for your vacations with this kind of weather in Alvor.

However chillier it might get, spring and autumn in Alvor offer excellent conditions for the many golfers who flock here to test their swing on the world-famous golf courses and even in midwinter average daytime temperatures in Alvor only fall between 8º and 17º C.

Winter in Alvor

Winter in Alvor tends to get a little bit colder than the rest of the year, of course, but there are still activities you should go for, especially if the hotel where you are staying relishes on a fancy Spa or indoors pool.

January is the coldest month on average at 12º C, but temperatures in Alvor do not drop far from these figures during daytime. However, December is the wettest month, and Atlantic storms can unpredictably hit Alvor and the surrounding regions during this time of the year.

In spite of this, there is plenty sunshine in the winter months, boasting some six hours per day on average, which will surely make up for the rainfall.