Things To Do

Vilamoura, Portugal, is perhaps just one of the few tourist destinations in the world that offers a full range of tourist attractions. This is why it has been attracting thousands of travellers every year, regardless of the month or season. In fact, for most travellers who have gone to Vilamoura, it is not only a coastal paradise offering the best beaches but a world of its own, catering to each type of traveller.

Vilamoura offers a perfect venue for every visitor — whether for those looking for a romantic or luxurious vacation in a world class hotel, for golfers looking for fantastic golf sessions, for nature lovers looking for invigorating nature trips, or seasoned travellers searching for remarkable historical sites.

Water sports enthusiasts looking to experience a range of exhilarating water sports on the beaches in Vilamoura, holidaymakers looking for a great gastronomic tour through restaurants in Vilamoura, and those looking to experience the vibrant nightlife in Vilamoura will also definitely love the place. There are just plenty of things to do in Vilamoura that will make each travellers visit to the place a memorable one.

Certainly, experiencing everything the place has to offer will take a few days to a week or more, but this does not mean that visitors staying for a day or two will not enjoy their holiday in the place. In fact, for a day or two, visitors are guaranteed fulfilling tours as long as the tours are well-planned.

Visitors can either stay in the holiday complex and explore all the resort’s amenities, or choose to enhance their experience by taking tours to attractions outside Vilamoura. Regardless of what type of tours you want to take, the key to a successful and tremendous travel experience is having knowledge about the place before embarking on an adventure in it.

Here we offer information and recommendations on how to best enjoy Vilamoura, especially if your stay here is limited. Here you will find extensive information about things to do in Vilamoura, and a guide on exploring Vilamoura and the entire Algarve region, through unique and themed tours starting in Vilamoura.

These major trips include bird watching, nature and historical tours, as well as trips to the flamboyant festivals and events in Vilamoura and its neighbouring towns. We also offer recommendations on top beaches in Vilamoura where top class water sport facilities are available, as well as recommendation on the best restaurants in Vilamoura to complete your holiday. In addition, here you will find information on how to best enjoy the must-experience nightlife in Vilamoura.