Vilamoura Useful Contacts

Vilamoura Police
Vilamoura, Portugal has a very organized police organization, explaining why its crime rate is low. But still take good care during your trip and make sure your valuables are well protected. Just like in any place, there are possibilities of theft or pick pocketing in Vilamoura, therefore it is advisable that you bring only the money you need and use a secure bag for your tours. In case you have concerns, you can call the Algarve Tourist help line at (+351) 808 78 12 12. You can also contact (+351) 289 388 989 if you need help from the Vilamoura police, or (+351) 289 513 203 for Albufeira Police.

Vilamoura Hospital
Nobody wants to ruin a vacation with sickness, but in case you’ll need medical assistance, there are Vilamoura hospitals open daily to attend your health needs. Some Vilamoura health clinics you can call are Medical Centre in Rua de Sol (+351 289 314 243 / 289 388 252 / 289 314 254) or Farmacia Silva in Centro Comercial Marina ((+351) 289 312 878).
Vilamoura doctors are English-speaking, so language will barely be a barrier to treatment.

For any emergency concerns, such as health, fire and urgent police assistance, you can call Algarve’s 112 hotline. The call is free of charge, except when you are using a foreign mobile. There are also attendants for Portuguese, English and French speakers.

To spend wisely during you travel, it is a must for you to study money matters in Vilamoura. The currency in Portugal, as in most European countries, is the Euro, which is divided into 100 cents. Note that there are seven Euro banknotes and eight Euro coins.
As to cash withdrawals, you will find Multibanco (MB) cash machines everywhere in Vilamoura. These machines allow withdrawals of as much as 200€ every day. Make sure you check charges for withdrawals if you are using foreign-registered cards.