Weather in Vilamoura

The weather in Vilamoura permits holiday vacation all year round. Vilamoura weather from May to September allows for a sun-filled vacation, although there are occasional cloudy and slightly rainy days during spring and autumn, but the overall weather in Vilamoura will let you enjoy a trip through the town’s sceneries and play golf at its famous golf courses.

Summer peak in Vilamoura, as in any part of Portugal, occurs in the months of July and August, when the temperature during the day plays at around 30 degree. This is the perfect time to savour Vilamoura’s celebrated summer spots, where you can flaunt your swimming outfit, take a plunge at lovely beaches and enjoy scuba diving, paragliding and other water sports. Don’t forget to include in your baggage plenty of sun screen lotion and eye protection against UV rays.

If you are to spend your Christmas holiday in Algarve, Portugal, you can expect a cool weather and gentle breeze, especially in the mornings. However, make sure your sweaters or jackets are not too thick because the weather in Vilamoura in the months of December to February is still warm during daytime. This kind of weather will give you the right amount of sun you want, especially if you’re coming from places with frost-biting winter season.