O Pote dos Leitões

O Pote dos Leitões is a popular restaurant located in a rural location some six kilometres from the city of Tomar. Literally translated as “Pigs in a Pot”, as its name would suggest O Pote dos Leitões specializes in serving suckling pig, a traditional dish and one that is highly popular in Portugal.

The Restaurant’s owner, Hélder Amendoeira took over the restaurant in 2009 and has elevated it to its position as a favourite amongst the local people of Tomar. The spacious restaurant is set high above the EN110 and the Rio Nabão on the road from Tomar. It is not much to look at from the outside, a relatively plain looking building on the edge of a dusty road. But do not be deceived by looks, it is enormous inside and full to bursting every weekend.

It caters well for children and is highly popular with local families who return to dine here time and again. The restaurant is also a favourite destination for groups as well as low-key wedding receptions, christenings and other family celebrations.

O Pote dos Leitões organises its own entertainment nights, with evenings of traditional Fados being particularly popular. These offer some fine singing, plenty of food and drink and plates of steaming hot, crispy suckling pig served non-stop throughout the evening. If you are here when a Fado night is organised it is well worth attending for a real taste of Portugal.

Hélder keeps a focus on serving hearty fare in a traditional setting. The star of the show is of course the suckling pig, cooked over a wood fire and commonly acknowledged to be the best in the area, but there are plenty of other specialities to choose from. Prawn skewers, stuffed peppers and cold meats make excellent starters, followed by monkfish rice and steamed veal. Delicious cakes and desserts make a fitting end to your meal.

The service is warm and friendly and the staff are pleased to explain the menu and make suggestions, all of which add to ones positive experience of O Pote dos Leitões. There is plenty of private parking and if you find yourself close by it is certainly worth stopping here for a fine taste of traditional Portugal.

Address: Rua Nova da Matana, 2
305-412 Casal do Pote
Phone: 249 313 019
Fax: 249 313 019